Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss hypnotherapy in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs is just about the most effective tool for shedding your unwanted kilos that you could find. Too many people give away their personal power. They say: ‘I was going to go to the gym but it didn’t happen’. Or they say: ‘I meant to listen to your MP3 but there wasn’t time.’

They go through life as though they are in a rudder-less boat, allowing themselves to be pushed and pulled by life’s circumstances. But life doesn’t ‘happen’ to people; people live their lives. People make choices. The fact of the matter is the reason so people fail to lose weight is because they truly believe that life is ‘happening’ to them.

Take Back Your Power

There are only two things we can be sure of in this world. The first is that we are all going to die. The second is that we don’t know when. For this reason, we can't expect to find happiness or security because everything is impermanent. So if that’s the case what’s the point in trying to work with a hypnotherapist to manage our weight? Why don’t we just throw caution to the wind and live every day, hour and minute as though it were our last?

There has to be a balance. A happy medium lies somewhere between recklessness and extreme caution. Even though you will be presented with situations that sometimes throw you, you do have the power to make your life work. It starts with learning how to use your mind. It’s not what happens to you but how you react to what happens that counts. Nobody is going to live a totally predictable and worry-free life all the time, but we can learn to take responsibility for our lives.

The Last Straw

Since you’ve landed on this page you’ve probably tried everything else to solve your weight problem. I get that. I’m usually the last person people turn to in desperation. They say: ‘I have nothing else to lose.’ But really, you have everything to gain my working with your mind. Your subconscious mind holds the key to this puzzle and it is more than willing to become your ally. With your permission a qualified hypnotherapist can act as your advocate.

The tool of hypnotherapy allows me to establish a direct portal to your subconscious mind, where I can explore all the beliefs, memories, imprints and mind patterns that are contributing to your problem. Once I have diagnosed the blocks I can apply the specific therapy that will remove those blocks for you.

How Sandra Turned Her Life Around

When Sandra came to see me for hypnotherapy several years ago, I knew that she was ready. Sandra was morbidly obese and had been that way for many years. She was also an extremely intelligent and self-aware woman. She had lived a life of yo-yo dieting, and had lost great amounts of weight at a time; only to put it all back on again. She said: ‘I know what to do. I know it has to be me who does it.’

What she said next confirmed in my mind that this woman was destined to succeed in a big way. She said: ‘But for some reason I can’t…….no, hang on……I WON’T do it.’ With one tiny little four letter word, Sandra changed her destiny. By using the word ‘won’t’, she took responsibility. She admitted that it was she herself who was choosing to be obese through her own actions. That was the catalyst for change.

It took Sandra 4 sessions with me to turn her world around. To this day, she is my greatest calling card. Wherever she goes, people who knew her when she was obese say ‘How on Earth did you do it? How did you lose all that weight?’ Sandra usually gives them my card; but really I had very little to do with her success. If Sandra had not stepped across the line and made the choice to change, no amount of weight loss hypnotherapy would have helped her. The truth is Sandra chose to make it happen. So can you.